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Young drivers

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Young drivers

An item on the Australian ABC tries to make the rest of us being responsible for the dangerous driving of young people.

Having stiffer penalties would be appropriate if there was any probability that speeding young people would be caught in the act of inappropriate driving behaviour. Around here during the night there are frequent car noises indicating it would be dangerous to be on the road because of the risk of being killed by a young driver. When they kill themselves here people get all upset but as long as they are the only casualty I think the rest of us are safer.
Raising the driving age would penalise the sensible members of the younger generation but if a nonlicensed young driver wants to drive they steal a car and go speedily enough so that the police refuse to chase them. Bad driving must result in apprehension.
Cars must be equipped with mechanisms that prevent them travelling at in excess of the speed limit of the area they are in. This would cost a fair amount but I expect that the current cost of deaths and injuries of innocent people on the roads is enormous.
Cars also need devices such that it is completely impossible for them to be moving without an authorised driver. Cars are deadly weapons and our society needs to start treating them as such.
I refuse to take any responsibility for the driving behaviour of young people. To try to make it our problem rather than that of the young people is completely inappropriate.

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