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Education Today

Sixty years ago I attended school with a student who excelled at electronics

to the extent that when he went to University he quit after a short time because his knowledge exceeded that of his lecturers. He later made a great deal of money with his inventions in that field.
Today students have even more opportunities to have exceedingly good knowledge of the subjects they are studying and being able to having more than their teachers on specific topics. This is because sixty years ago knowledge was obtained from print only whereas today with the internet there are also countless videos on YouTube of all subjects and search engines such as Google to search for what is required.
The schools need to show on their websites the schemes of work that the teachers are following so that students know what they are meant to have done and what they are going to do. Because these schemes of work are kept by the teachers as files on their computers it is the click of a mouse to transfer them to the school website for display to the world. Unfortunately teachers are not necessarily conversant with website upload and at my daughter’s school when I mentioned the advantage for parents to be able to see the scheme of work being followed the teachers regarded its upload as being a big increase in their workload. If the teachers followed the textbook when one is provided the scheme of work would be less necessary but if there is no textbook used or if the teacher imitates a kangaroo with respect to the textbook a scheme of work actually followed is necessary.
Communication between students these days is enormously more than what it was sixty years ago. While it can be face to face they are also in contact with their peers at all hours by means of their phones, computers or tablets. If they have a problem they can find where to find the solution in a text, phone call or conference call. The Internet has websites devoted to explaining the science topics relevant to students. Looking at videos made so that they are attention keeping and visually appealing has huge advantages over a teacher standing before a whiteboard. Pity the student in a class of hundreds following a pitiful syllabus taught only by a teacher in front of a chalkboard in modern day Nigeria. How can their education compare with that of students in today’s Australia? It is unfortunate that many Australian indigenous students regard attending school as an unnecessary activity and do not maximise their chances of success in life.

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