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What heritage would you prefer?

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What heritage would you prefer?

Those of us with English heritage can read about our forefathers fighting the Romans, the Vikings, the French, and any number of other peoples.

Those of us with Aboriginal heritage can read about our forefathers running away from Cook and company a couple of hundred years ago. Banks description of the encounter with the Aboriginal’s rellies was most unflattering.
Most people in Australia who claim Aboriginal ancestry have the option of also claiming English ancestry. Their complexion is evidence of that.
The Government makes claiming Aboriginal ancestry financially beneficial. The amount of money spent trying to improve the lot of this 2.5% of the population is staggering for its ineffectiveness considering it is a huge number of dollars and many are shown in the media living as they did before the First Fleet, albeit with alcohol added and Maccas being on the menu.
Other than this aspect it is obvious any sensible person would want to be aligned with a warrior class and not a cowardly lot which is what Banks described those at Botany Bay during the week he was there.
The British Government evidently had treaties with occupiers of a colonised country if they were actually doing something with it, like farming it. The Aborigines just went walkabout. There is some effort being made to rewrite their history to justify saying that they were actually working it but this is just the lawyers talking.
So the Aborigines did not deserve a treaty. New Zealand Maoris had a treaty because they were living a completely different lifestyle as well as being particularly warlike cannibals.
The libraries have DVDs that can be borrowed. Of particular import for people of mixed English/Aboriginal descent is the one shown below. It is several discs that show the quality of your English forebears. Perhaps some of them will prefer to change their description after watching it.


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