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Quality of Life

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Quality of Life

Years ago I had a milkround and supplied milk to several hundred customers and the older customers were frequently drinking skim milk.

They were obviously trying to make up for a lifetime of enjoying what they ate and drank and were now sticking to what was regarded as healthy consumption. Have you tried skim milk? In my opinion it tastes awful. And the worst part it is what my doctor is suggesting I should now stick to. The idea is that not drinking normal milk will prolong my life. I will mention the not drinking a stubby of Boags every day a bit further on. The trouble with the idea of prolonging your life is it means you will be getting older and less capable, and if you are less fortunate having your brain go to mush.
The former problems have already surfaced with a problem foot as a result of nerves being mucked up with by the bones in my back and a shoulder that has muscle problems as some of it was removed in a cancer operation; now it has spasms of pain on occasion during the day and a tendency to become painful when I lie down to sleep which is not a good time for it to happen.
What about the mush potential? Well I would say that is on the cards as although I have now exceeded my mother’s time on Earth by a few years an episode during her final year reminds me that dementia may be an unpleasant option for the future. What happened was my first family was driving up north of Perth as I was collecting minerals for Geology teaching. Cue was somewhere up the road but as we were towing a twenty foot caravan I was not concerned about where we would spend the night. The better half was having a fit about not knowing. Consequently tension in the car was high. It was latish in the afternoon and all of a sudden mum is wanting to get out of the car. She has to go and help milk the cows. They had a dairy when she was a kid. This was a sort of hair raising experience – literally. It was also an indication to me that she might be getting dementia. She had heart problems and died later that year so we never found out if she did.
Years ago a report from doctors said that a beer a day ripped the bad cholesterol out of your blood vessels and hence was good for you. Ideas on alcohol I am assuming to be responsible for that idea not being valid any more but I have been drinking a stubby a day, preferably Boags, for many years now and it is an enjoyable interlude which I do not intend stopping. I am told that alcohol in any quantity is bad for my body. The trouble is that there is a vast difference between researching the effects of alcohol and assuming that imbibing ten stubbies a day has the same effect on the body as one a day. When I first started teaching I set up a biology experiment on trace elements. It was a country school and hence the students included many potential farmers. My spoonful of chemical in a beaker of water they pointed out was not going to be a trace. It was going to kill the recipient plant. It is the same with my beer. One a day might, as the doctors said years ago, be beneficial for my health. Either way it is going to be continued to be enjoyed as it contributes to my quality of life being maximised.

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