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Rewriting history

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Rewriting history

The first following article relates the current situation in a Western Australian town.
But the assumption that Aboriginal society has deteriorated recently

is incorrect as these same problems with the way Aboriginals treat their children was described by a writer in 1800. You will be one of the few who have read this book which describes (with volume 2) the first dozen years of the founding of Australia.

Read about the situation in Roebourne now.

Read about the beginning of Australia.

It is easy to see why children were taken to a safe place in times past which is now being interpreted as the “stolen generation”. The perpetrators of this myth just do not want to acknowledge the dysfunctional society which is Aboriginal society; which has always been in this state.
You will read that Aboriginal people liked being in or near the new settlement in Sydney because then they were safe from the spears of other Aboriginal groups. Aboriginal family groups were in a constant state of war with other family groups.
You will read that kids as young as six years old were not safe from the spears of other family groups; plus have their arms chopped off.
You will read that hard working settlers developing their farms on the edges of the new colony were not regarded as a model for the local people on how to improve their lot but as something to pillage if the man was away so his wife and children could be killed and his farm destroyed. Bravery was not a word found in this book to describe many Aboriginals. Today the history of Aboriginals in Australia is being rewritten by ignorant people including academics.

Read 1840 times

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