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What is the function of roads?

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What is the function of roads?

They are to allow people to get to work or play as quickly and comfortably as possible.

For this purpose Australians buy and drive a motor car.
The ability of the car to successfully traverse the road system in a quick and comfortable manner is frequently impaired by persons on bicycles who are slow and a hazard to the driver.
Cars are quick; cyclists are slow. The two are incompatible.
Cyclists should compensate society for the construction of bike paths which allow them to ride their bikes safely and without hindering drivers. If bike paths are not available they would need to ride on some roads.
All roads are not safe for the use of both cyclists and drivers. The roads which are main pathways for vehicles should be cyclist free and designated as non-safe roads. Roads safe for both cyclists and drivers should be clearly marked and known to the users. Cyclists should be banned from non-safe roads.
Cyclists riding on non-safe roads should have their bikes confiscated.

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