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Staying a caveman

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Staying a caveman

When the First Fleet arrived in Australia the people they met were stone age people.

They had a hunter gatherer society. They went walkabout. In forty thousand years they had not invented writing, farming, or the wheel. They had not advanced on any front. The huge problem they now have is there appears to be an industry of academics who want them to remain in their backwater. Their language needs to be the language of the country they are now in. They are no longer a walkabout type people. They expect the rest of society to build them a good home in the middle of nowhere with electricity and water and all the appliances that go with the 21st century, but they think it appropriate to run around speaking a lost language understood by a handful of people.
They are not only supported in this activity but actively encouraged by academics to pursue a course which will disadvantage them and their offspring forever.
Australia speaks English. These people want the advantages of being Australian as evidenced by their cries of indignation when they are not provided by the rest of the country with 21st century accommodation on a piece of land somewhere in the back of Bourke. No longer is a humpy suitable for these people. It should be just as obvious that whatever they said before to tell their cousins that they had seen a mob of kangaroos over the next hill must be modified so they can let the people who send them their money that they now have an email account.
To allow some academics to permanently disadvantage these people so they can spend their time developing a new set of words for the Aboriginal group to tell the other dozen of their language speakers about their last flight to Perth for some medical procedure and produce a written component as well is criminal. To the academics it is an interesting exercise.
To the Aboriginals it is a prison keeping them away from mainstream Australia.
These people have given up the humpy for the house, they now need to give up the one valley language for the world wide language.

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