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Western Australian Road Deaths

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Western Australian Road Deaths

Road Safety Commissioner Kim Papalia in an interview with the ABC included the following statements.


"In regional WA, you are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious crash than in the metropolitan area.

"But if you are Indigenous, and in the remote communities, that elevates to seven or 11 times depending on what part of the state you're in.

"That sort of statistic is not sustainable for any community, but it is a shameful statistic for our community, so we've got to respond to it."

The assumption that this is a shameful statistic for our community ignores the truth that the Aboriginal community has a great many members who do not take care of themselves and do not obey the laws they live under.

The trouble with Aboriginal drivers killing themselves and their passengers because they are drunk, drugged or dozing is that there are other vehicles on the road into which they can collide and worsen the statistics of the wider community.

The Aboriginal community is vastly overrepresented in the gaols because of the same attitude of indifference to the laws they live under. These laws are to protect all the population from the actions of a few. The fact that there are more Aborigines in gaol than their numbers indicate there should be just shows that they have a bigger proportion of individuals who refuse to conduct themselves appropriately. This negativity is carried on to their conduct when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

A taxi driver took off this week when he saw his potential passenger was a member of this community. The news item did not consider the position of the driver and his possible previous experience with other members of this community. The antisocial behaviour of taxi passengers from this community has been widely reported and is the probable reason for the driver’s departure. The ABC needs to start telling the whole story when reporting incidents involving this group and people who take on positions in society need to allocate blame for woeful statistics with the part of our society responsible for them and insist it is their actions that need to improve.

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