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Saturday, 23 May 2020 19:55

Some reading for Michael

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Some reading for Michael

Our Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack is standing on the side of coal,

emphasising that a government plan to move towards more gas is still a draft.

The Nationals leader on Friday declared his whole party backs coal: "We're all pro-coal ... we're pro-all technologies."

Consequently I am sending our deputy PM copies of Maxwell Empire Books 1, 2 and 3 for him to read the consequences of a coal based energy system by the time the year 4576 rolls around.

He will be pleased to know that because the sea levels have gone up twenty metres and all work is done by robots it has been practical to dig a trench from the Bight to the Gulf and hence with solar desalination plants tree all of Australia.

The folk in Albury frequently comment on the irresponsible attitude of the politicians of the twenty first century in not stopping the use of carbon dioxide producing energy systems. Not that it is bad for Albury. With Sydney and Melbourne going under water the development of the city has been spectacular.

The Chinese got knocked about when a huge asteroid dropped on them in 2091 but equally devastating has been the sea level rise which has seen Shanghai, Tianjin and most of the east coast sink beneath the waves. Alburyites think it a just reward for trying to bully the world in the twenty first century.

Julius Maxwell does not form the World Government until the year 2645 which means no more conflicts between countries but because we have politicians like Michael burning coal it is too bad it did not happen over six hundred years earlier.

Read bits of the books on Amazon.

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