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Friday, 04 October 2019 09:17

Stoning to death

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Stoning to death

The attitude of Aborigines to the life of other animals is not shared by Australians.

Because they do not subscribe to the beliefs of Australians I do not think your Government should be supporting a group with such beliefs.

The thirty four billion spent on this group each year needs to be immediately used for the construction of social housing. The amount of social housing has been decreasing. It needs to increase. Constructing it at this time will be a much needed boost to the housing industry.

You will also be reducing the attractiveness of rental properties to investors which will help bring house prices to the usual norm of 2.6 times annual income rather than the 12 times at present. For anyone to regard a decrease in house prices from the current 12 times annual income to somewhere less as a problem is as silly as Aborigines thinking stoning an animal to death is acceptable.

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